Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday March 1

--How the hell does Troy Murphy get the right to try to gravy train a ring in Karl-Malone style? He's put up decent numbers but has been an afterthought for most of his NBA career.

And it looks like never-winner Mike Bibby will be doing the same thing, as he allegedly will join the Miami Heat. So first the last puzzle piece needed to lock up the NBA title was Mike Miller, now maybe Murphy and Bibby??? You mean Eddie House wasn't enough?

--Can you feel it? That's the sound of the UNK Lopers rumbling down I-80 for their epic matchup tomorrow with Mike Anderson's Nebraska baseball team. Something has to give in this contest, as NU's 'vaunted' offense is averaging more than seven runs a game against terrible competition. Even better, the Huskers average four runs in their three losses--all against lower-level Division I teams. Thanks Mike.

--Tonight is Nebraska's last home game of the 2010-11 season, and despite their flop in the last two games, this team deserves a full house and a raucous, sellout crowd. Will they get it? Surely not, as all the bandwagon jumpers have begun beating off to the thought of the spring game just six weeks away. Throw in the fact that Braylon Heard allegedly cleared eligibility for the 80th time, and you've got attendance of 8500 pasty racists....max.

NU still has a chance at 20 wins, which would be a monumental achievement for a team that finished Big 12 play 2-14 last year. Remember our lesson, don't sweat the details or the style of how it happens, just take a big-picture approach at the end of the season. Twenty wins is solid, regardless of the non-conference schedule. They will have to build on that next year, which will be tough given the fact that Lance Jeter will be gone. He played football at Cincinnati.

--Also glad to see that the Texas Longhorns are melting down once again, albeit a little bit later than last season. UT has lost three of four games, with the only win coming 76-53 at home against lowly Iowa State. Outside of that, they were dominated in Lincoln by Nebraska, blew a 23-point lead at Colorado, and then were owned by Frank Martin's Kansas State Wildcats last night on Big Monday. PYB is sticking to its prediction of a second-round NCAA exit for the Horns, especially considering Rick Barnes' lack of prowess as a floor coach. Roy Williams would be proud.

--And finally, is anyone else as shocked as we are to see that Ricky Henry tanked at the NFL Combine?

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