Thursday, March 10, 2011

Boom Goes the Dynamite II

In celebration of the return of PYB's NBA Power Rankings, we offer you a video that reminds us all of Boom Goes the Dynamite, courtesy of Deadspin. That's really, really, hhmmm, quite outstanding.....

And now for the rankings....thanks to AZ Buckeye.

1. Spurs - They have had the best record in the league all year. I have not been sold on them but they keep winning.

2. Celtics - This is a team made for a playoff run. Even though they are little long in the tooth they will get a day or two between games in the playoffs. I would be surprised if they do not represent the East in the finals this year.

3. Mavericks - All the talk about D Rose for MVP, I scoff at. Dirk is my MVP. When he was out with injury this year Dallas struggled big time.

4. Lakers - Look who is playing sick ball right now. Kobe and his bunch have been on fire. Will be going for a 3 peat if they keep playing like this.

5. Bulls - This team finally has all their pieces together for the stretch run. They been outstanding as of late.

6. Thunder - Still playing solid ball but it seems the KD has been struggling a little with the jump shot. Is he wearing down?

7. Magic - Big comeback win over a reeling Heat team, but follow it up with a loss at home to the Bulls. Can't quite figure these cats out.

8. Nuggets - Love what this team has done since they traded Carmelo. They have the deepest bench in the league. They are going to be a tough out in the playoffs.

9. Blazers - Best pickup at the trade deadline was Gerald Wallace. He actually plays D. Look out Western Conference.

10. Heat - This team is in serious trouble. They are struggling at home, getting blown out on the road. Chris Bosh is who we thought he was...HE SUCKS!

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