Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Columbus Crooks

--Two games. Two god damn games? Jim Tressel exposed himself as a crook with his cover-up in the Suckeye memorabilia scandal, and THE Ohio State administration furthered that image by suspending the coach for just two games....both against meaningless competition. Did they allow Tressel to coach in the Sugar Bowl as long as he committed to come back in 2011? Hopefully, the corrupt NCAA has something stronger in store for the darling Buckeye program.

Of course, Tressel had a cover-up reason as to why he didn't divulge the fact that he knew of the violation: he was scared for his players. Scared of what tattoo shop owner Edward Rife would do to them, as his name had been mentioned in drug trafficking conversations. Also afraid, apparently, to tell his players to quit prancing around in their studio gangster style, with the one-eye eye black and fake-assed-thug tattoos as they STEAMROLL Akron 20-14 for another STATEMENT victory in Columbus. There are a lot of 'I's to dot in illicit activity....

--Tuesday's spring press conference was a lot of talk about nothing, but there were some telling statements if you are inclined to read between the lines:

Tim Beck, who obviously meant that Shawn Twatson was too stupid to remember the following:

--“It’s a pretty simple game. If something’s working, you just keep running it until it doesn’t work anymore, and you go to the next play.”

Bo Pelini, obviously saying Twatson and Barney Cotton couldn't devise a blocking scheme that would be fit for Lincoln Southeast High School:

“It’s not what we were doing on the line. It’s how we were doing it. I thought we misblocked some things. I don’t want to start pointing the finger at Wats or anything, but I thought we needed to clean some things up, simplify some things so the players can play fast and aggressive. I don’t know that we always did that."

--PYB also likes that fact that two WINNING offensive line coaches were brought in in John Garrison and Brenden Stai. At the worst, they will diminish the negative impact that Cotton has on the line's peformance. At best, they will instill the attitude, footwork, technique and mobility that trademarked the lines of the 1980s and 1990s and has been missing since 1997. Here's to fucking hoping.

--Finally this morning, good luck to Doc Sadler & his squad as they chase their 20th win of 2011-12. Regardless of how the season ends, 20 is huge. It will be tough, as they tip off early (11:30am) in a mostly empty arena in Kansas City against Okie State. But if they can do it, the Huskers at least give themselves a shot against a KU team they almost beat in Lawrence and a slim chance at an NCAA bid.

First things first, however, as we learned NU can piss the bed with the best of them. This stunning compilation of stats from their last three losses shows just how badly they wet themselves at the free throw line. Ouch.

--PS: Doug Gottlieb is a punk bitch. Now starting rumors about Sadler leaving for the open Texas Tech job. This is Gottlieb's second unwarranted jab at NU in recent years, after the Cookie Miller 'punk' flap. The guy knows the game and was fine as an analyst for a few seasons, but now he's more concerned with making bullshit statements to garner attention to his radio show, his brand and his image in the ESPN studio. PYB thinks a man with such a history of felony fraud might tread more lightly.

Side note: why on earth did Doc run Miller out of town? At least he had the heart that NU hasn't seen until Lance Jeter provided some this year. And would Sadler kill to have Ade Dagunduro this season?

Anyway, good luck in KC....we'll see the lucky winners at March Madness next week.

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