Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sell Out

--Even for someone who doesn't care about the University of No Opportunity, this is an embarrassing sell out move. UN-Omaha is dropping football. Expensive sport, but still a weak move. Then dropping wrestling, a sport in which it just won its third consecutive national championship? If this doesn't prove (again) that college athletics is circling the shitter, then nothing will.

And all this for the chance to be D-I in a conference that plays its conference championship basketball game in mid-February? Well that, and for hockey. PYB calls it a sad day indeed when 10,000 scums who show up to buy beer determine the fate of a college athletic department. There are plenty of beer-slamming blue-collar scumbags in Omaha. Maybe it's the perfect fit.

--FYI, PYB is done eating crow after NU's series win last weekend against UCLA. Mike Anderson has led his team to two whimpering losses to start (and lose) this weekend's series against Fresno State, as his boys went scoreless and struck out just 14 times Saturday.

The Huskers' pitching has been brilliant, and Matt Freeman went another seven innings while relinquishing just one run. So, as always, the offense (or complete lack thereof) is the problem. Not even Darin Erstad can save this band of creampuff hitters.

Filtering out all the bullshit wins, NU is 2-4 so far against real teams. In those six games, they've scored 14 runs--less than 2.5 per game. If you add in the games against Sam Houston State, they are 2-6 and have scored 24 runs--three per game. Either way, terrible, pick the word.

To Tom Osborne, it means Anderson keeps coming back....again....and again....and again...for another last place conference finish. Never mind that attendance figure of 3700, either.

--Wake us up when it's September, please.....

--Congratulations to the Kansas Jayhawks on winning the Big 12 basketball tournament. In typical Jayhawk fashion, they got a lucky, zebra-aided win in their first game and then continued their reign in Kansas City as Big 12 bullies. It will be great to watch them lose early next week, as the non-Big 12 referees won't be there to protect them and the noose gets tighter with each missed three-pointer. We see and read this same shit every year.

--UConn wins five games in five days to win the Big East championship. Absolutely amazing, and it cost PYB money in each of the last three days. We figured that one day they'd have to fizzle out. Didn't happen, and ESPN got its wish as Kemba Walker starred the whole weekend---the execs at the Devil had to have multiple orgasms nearly the size of when the Red Sox, Lebron James or Tiger Woods are winning.

Just make sure to bet against the Huskies next week in the field of 60-whatever....does anyone remember Syracuse a couple years back?

Only four days until the Madness begins....

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