Tuesday, March 8, 2011

On a Tuesday....

On a Tuesday....

--So PYB will temporarily have to eat crow, as Mike Anderson's warriors took two of three games for preseason #1 UCLA last weekend. The Huskers moved up to 29th in the latest Collegiate Baseball rankings. The Bruins plummeted from 5th to 13th, and likely aren't that good if they lost two in Lincoln.

--What brings back worse memories for NU basketball fans than continued meltdowns when the team has a chance to get over the hump to make the NCAA Tournament? The conference tournament, of course! In the 19 seasons since the 1991-92 campaign, NU has lost in the first round 13 fucking times. Those flops have been filled with flat performances, last-second losses, gut punches....the whole shebang.

PYB remembers being down 13-2 in most those games, as the Huskers usually can't hit the rim for a good 13 minutes of regulation, as another season slowly fizzles to an end. Another early tip time on Wednesday probably won't help things. Hope we're wrong! Just in case you wondered, the OWH's Lee Barfknecht continues his inexplicable ISU man crush as he predicts the Cyclones to take down KSU in Round 1.

--The fact that the Big East might get 11 teams in the tournament is a joke. Bottom line, Marquette is 18-13. If they wanted to get in the Dance so badly, they should have won more games. The first round at MSG does start today, and we'll be 'working from the home office,' gambling on every game, trying to dig our yearly financial hole before the real tournament begins next Thursday.

--On a shinier note, now every knows Jim Tressel is a crook. Since Ohio State is an NCAA darling, these sanctions won't be laid down for years just like the USC/Reggie Bush saga. So if they're finally forced to axe him, when does Bo Pinelli go to Columbus? Or maybe he'll just be forced to sit out the first five games of the 2025 season instead.

--Tom Brady: Joking around, bottle blasted, or just gay? Click here.


  1. Urban Meyer is the next head coach in Columbus.