Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Stew

PYB offers you a bunch of random shit this fine Sunday morning:

1. The Cubs screw up another transaction. The unders for the season are 81.5. Get on it now while you can.....We sense another 2-9 start ahead....

2. Billy Donovan pulls a Doc Sadler, as he screws up chances to win against Butler in both regulation and overtime by not drawing a play. The regulation possession was particularly embarrassing, as the last 25 seconds consisted of dribbling 30 feet from the hoop until the five-second mark then a couple dribbles followed by a contested three. Brick city.

The fact that the Gators even let Butler back in the game after dominating inside on the way to a 51-40 lead was bad enough. Florida owned the games first 30 minutes, but continued lapses let the savvy, experienced Bulldogs claw back to tie and eventually win despite being severely outmatched athletically and missing countless free throws. And somehow, Butler keeps getting calls like the front of their jerseys have "Duke" sewn on them.

3. UConn continues to defy the odds by beating Arizona in the best 65-63 game we've seen in some time. Had Derrick Williams not been saddled by foul trouble, the Cats win that game.

4. After a blowout win in Lubbock Friday night, it looks like Mike Anderson got his squad back to form on Saturday with a loss.

5. Don't look now, but Alex Gordon is batting .367 with a .717 slugging percentage this spring in Arizona. Fools gold or his long-awaited emergence as a legit MLB player?

6. If you have no life and want to rehash last season's terrible finish and next season's QB situation in Lincoln, feel free to read the latest preview by the Omaha World-Herald.

7. And finally, our picks for Sunday's Elite Eight games:

Kansas -11 over VCU:
VCU doesn't deserve to be in the tournament, despite getting this far. Perfect for the mighty Jayhawks......beat up on weak sisters all the way to the Final Four where they'll wait to choke this year. So, seriously, all you have to do to get to the national semifinals these days is beat a mediocre Illinois team and three NIT-level teams that wouldn't sniff the tourney if playing in a BCS confefence? Wow.

UNC +1.5 over Kentucky:
We are basing this solely on talent. But, we also can see Roy Williams tanking yet another game he should win....especially when going against a far superior floor general in John Calipari. Stay tuned.

Enjoy your Sunday.....PYB....

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