Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tigers Can't Travel

If a game is so shitty that the home team has nine points halway through the first half, then the other team who is supposedly the 22nd-best in the nation folds and gives up a double-digit lead to a team that couldn't blow out most high school girls teams......did it really happen?

PYB watched as NU and Missouri locked horns in a classic pillow fight. NU flopped around for 16 minutes to start the game, before somehow racking up 27 points in the first stanza after the Tigers relinquished an eight-point lead.

In the second, Mizzou came out completely uninterested. How do we know? Well we watched with half-interest ourselves, trying to justify why we were even watching, and realized that any team that allows Brandon Ubel to grab eight rebounds in one half of basketball obviously isn't much into the game.

Lance Jeter had another good game with 16 points, seven boards and seven assists. JB Diaz also chipped in with 14 points and accomplished an amazing feat for a 6' 11" player, as he snared ZERO rebounds. Diaz continually got pushed away from the basket and has really digressed on the defensive glass this year. In the last two games, he has ONE total defensive rebound.....and somehow NINE offensive. Oh well, don't sweat the details.

Toney McCray, despite looking as if he were on ice skates and blindfolded half the time, went three for seven from three-point land and led NU to a second straight good performance from outside, as the Huskers went five for 13. Continued shootiing like that could really help during the last few games. Do we expect it to continue? HELL NO!

McCray's uncoordinated and unaware ways brought up a great question that we posed to some of our constituents during the game via text message: Historically, who has been more embarrassingly uncoordinated: Nebraska wide receivers or Nebraska basketball players?

McCray travels nearly every time he touches the ball and is like a turnover time bomb. He ranks near the top of the list of flopping fish in NU's annals, up there with the likes of Aleks Maric, Andy Markowski, Richard van Poelgeest and Jason Dourisseau.

Brandon Richardson continued his roller coaster ride, going MIA for much of the game with only four points but added five assists. One was a key dish to Diaz on a fast break to keep the Tigers at bay.

So, NU wins. Remarkable....NO. But it is win 19 and Doc Sadler has a chance for 20 on Saturday in Boulder. We expect the Huskers to get blasted, as CU has glimmering NCAA hopes themselves. But stranger things have happened. Let's just table the Big Dance scenario talks for now, as we have seen how the pressure affect this Husker group.

For now, just enjoy win 19, hope for a good Big 12 tournament seed and laugh at the picture of the scum at the Devaney Center last night....courtesy of AMG.

Then try to forget that Mizzou was ranked 22nd in the country. If they really are number 22, college hoops is in worse shape than anyone knows.

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