Monday, March 28, 2011

Huskers, Jayhawks, Williams Hold Serve

--After a series-opening win in Lubbock against Texas Tech Friday, Nebraska got back to its last-place Big 12 form by dropping the next two games. Of course, the loss was blamed on one of their players being injured. Always something....but that's the way it has to be if a team is going to defend its turf---the Big 12 cellar.

--Is there a bigger underachiever in college basketball the last 25 years than Kansas? The Chokehawks added to their impressive dossier of tank jobs Sunday, after being dominated by Virgnia Commonwealth. KU shot 36% from the field, 10% from downtown (2/21), and 53% (15/28) from the free throw line. If those aren't choke-type numbers, we don't know what are!

Once again, KU's shitty guard play killed them. Josh Selby was awful, and Tyrel Reed and Brady Morningstar were overmatched--like Kansas' white guards seem to be in every field of 64. The Morris brothers are rugged garbage-type players, but hardly enough to overcome the fact that the rest of the team is not very good.

Don't fret KU fans, baseball season is warming up and you can always finish ahead of Nebraska.

--Speaking of Kansas tank jobs, Roy Williams took his annual tourney dump--this time courtesy of John Calipari. UNC made a late run, but since they can't shoot, had no real chance to win. Calipari vs. Williams is like a lion toying with a yak before the kill. We're just not sure Williams is as smart as the yak when it comes to his floor leadership.

--Finally, hopefully the fact that BOTH VCU and Butler made the Final Four tips off the country to how bad college basketball has become. Division I is watered down. Many of the tournament games are unwatchable, and anyone who calls Butler & VCU Cinderellas is clueless. In fact, watching games from the Mountain West and West Coast Conference have been better than most of the BCS conference games for three years: they still use fundamental skills and play team basketball.

Well that's all for now.....enjoy your week......PYB may be a bit inconsistent in the near future, as we are TAKING OUR TALENTS TO DALLAS for a new job. Can't wait for the fall to have a front-row seat to gather fodder for trashing Tony Romo & the Cowgirls....

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