Monday, March 14, 2011

The NIT.....Nebraska's Density....

March Madness has begun, and Nebraska is in its rightful place--The NIT. The Huskers have gone there more than any other team has gone before!

The game at Wichita State should be their last of this season. NU has cashed it in, not necessarily on purpose, but they have nothing left and their 1-4 finish proves it. So does their pathetic effort against Oklahoma State. Warm up your sports book accounts, hammer the Shockers, and make some dough....

There is some consolation in the fact that CU got fucked during the whole NCAA process. Basically, there was no way in hell NU was going to make the field. The assumed shortcoming of the Buff was their non-conference schedule being near the nations worst, but how can a schedule that includes at Georgia (tourney team), at Harvard (32 RPI or something), Oregon State, Colorado State, New Mexico and at Indiana be near the bottom of 345 teams? Sham.

Other early bracket thoughts, as we rush to work this fine Monday morning:

--Nova will get bounced early, after finishing the season 5-10 in its last 15.

--Kentucky could easily lose to its first-round foe, Princeton.

--North Carolina was the worst 2-seed ever, until Florida got a 2 seed later during the selection.

--Duke gets another bunny bracket, and gets to play in its home state. Michigan or Tennessee would be the Devils' second-round opponent. How else would those schools get eight and nine seeds, if not only to pave the way for Coach K's overrated band of non-spread-covering stiffs?

--Missouri will lose first round.

--Bet against UConn in any game the Huskies play next week.

--San Diego State is a very good team that will probably lose early, before everyone knows how good they really are.

--Who will Kansas lose to next week? Boston, UNLV or Illinois? And why is everyone treating them like they're a next-level squad. They're the ChokeHawks. It's their destiny.

--Louisville and Morehead State are both in Kentucky, but they're flying to Denver to play? So much for the 'playing locally' theory provided by the NCAA after 9/11, unless of course, you're Duke.

--Notre Dame has a legitimate Final Four shot. That said, they'll lose second round.

--Upset alert for Kansas State vs. Utah State. The Aggies were 30-3 and got a 12 seed.

--Florida could barely score against Kentucky Sunday, looked AWFUL, and got rewarded with a two seed. Huh?

Have fun......the first play-in game tipped off 10 minutes ago....we think....

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