Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Men vs. The Boys

Friday night's NBA action went a long way in showing us who the pretenders and true contenders are as the playoffs rapidly near.

Miami Heat
One night after blowing a 24-point lead at home against tissue-soft Orlando, the Heat got bottle blasted by league-best San Antonio 125-95. Tony Parker made a surprise return for the Spurs, and torched Miami's defense with drive and kicks that allowed Matt Bonner to hit six of seven wide-open three pointers.

To top it off, Erick Dampier cemented his legacy as one of the league's largest stiffs by hitting Parker with a needless Flagrant 2 foul and an ejection. Dampier left with zero points. Following the game, Dwyane Wade and Lebron James both openly questioned their ability to win on the Spurs' home court saying they've always gotten drubbed at the Alamo. Even if it's true, admitting so seals their fate as also rans.

Orlando Magic
One night after their 24-point comeback at Miami, Orlando showed us all why they are pretenders, as they were thoroughly dominated by the contender Chicago Bulls from tip to buzzer. Dwight Howard gave us another example of why he'll never be a winner, swinging the ball at league-nice-guy Kyle Korver after another player fouled him. That was Howard's 16th technical, warranting a mandatory one-game suspension.

Can you say STUDIO....GANGSTA!?

New York Knicks
The Bricks came out and lost, AGAIN, to the Cleveland Cavaliers. It was their first loss to the Cadavers at MSG this season, as at least the first two bonks came in Cleveland. Carmelo Anthony was worried more about hyping the crowd with fake enthusiasm and forgot to win the game. Sorry Knick fans, you deserve better. Anthony makes Amare Stoudemire look like a winner.

So the night left us with all hype, no substance losers like James, Anthony, Stoudemire, Howard and Bosh. And then reminded everyone how grit, teamwork and defense conquers all as winners like Parker, Tim Duncan, Bonner, Korver, Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant came to play without the hype, battled injuries, made shots and got big wins.

Score one for the good guys. We will, as we watch ESPN work on spin control as all their darlings are proving their true lack of worth.

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