Sunday, December 4, 2016

More Gold than an Aztec

PYB with some random 4am thoughts this Sunday, as we watch the replay of the Mountain West Conference Championship game:

--Wyoming trailed San Diego State 17-10 in the third quarter. On 3rd and 8 inside the red zone, the Cowboys threw a four-yard hitch to Nebraska-native C.J. Johnson. Missed the FG. Ended up losing the game 27-24. WYO Head Coach is Craig Bohl, a Frank Solich protege.
CJ Johnson wasn't Bo Pinelli material. Only one of them remains in FBS.

As if that weren't enough, Bohl added icing to the turd. After recovering an Aztec fumble late in the game, Wyoming was forced to go for it on 4th and 2 deep in its own territory because it had blown two timeouts earlier in the half. Play selection: a four-wide receiver set and

Anyway, that was Frank's blueprint for blowing games and championships at Nebraska and has continued to be at Ohio. PYB is glad to see him passing on that gift to the next generation of college coaches.

and short side option that got stuffed woefully short of the first-down marker. PYB couldn't make this stuff up. Well, actually, we could, but don't have to because clowns like Bohl and Solich do it for us.
--Speaking of Johnson, he scored a 43-yard touchdown on a nice catch and run for the Cowboys' final score. Given all the deadbeats currently standing on the sidelines in Lincoln, PYB is certainly glad Private Bo Pinelli couldn't find a scholarship for him at Nebraska.

--Embarrassing Big 14 title game last night. Neither of the conference's best teams played. Wisconsin couldn't score all season, because it had two awful quarterbacks. Somehow, Wisconsin scored 28 first-half points against Penn State. Then Wisconsin choked and gave the championship to Penn State -- a mediocre two-loss team led by a quarterback with the worst-ever big-play celebration -- a baseball swing that's worse than anything Wesley Snipes ever produced during the filming of Major League.
Jerry Sandusky missed big chance in 1980s as brand ambassador for Topol.

State Pen's victory forced ESPN to  post op-ed pieces on its front page early this morning, lobbying against including the Nittany Lions in the four-team FCS playoff. What the fuck does ESPN care? Did they forget that PSU was their darling 20 years ago and that the television audience should be just as big as if Michigan or Ohio State are included? There is just as much Pennsylvania mountain scum as there is Rust Belt factory scum.

Or is ESPN still on its high horse because Jerry Sandusky raped little boys for 20 years, while everyone in State College, including the immortal Joe Paterno pretended not to notice? Some things are bigger than money, right ESPN? Exactly the reason Sportscenter features more young skanks screaming out poorly researched generalizations than it does sports highlights.

--Draymond Green is mad that he isn't being allowed to kick people in the head and balls. PYB would have like to see him try his act 20 years ago, when enforcers still existed in the NBA.

--Just in case you've tired after reading Lawrence Phillips' story for the 200th time (rumor is he had a rough upbringing out in California), you can now read Johnny Rodgers' story for the 500th time. (apparently, he was involved in a crime when playing at NU but went back to college later in life, sold some pink lemonade at Husker games and is now awesome).

--Random note: the Omaha World Herald wants $25 a month for its digital-only subscription. What in the fuck? Does that come with a free handjob as well? Dear OWH: Information is now free. How about $2.50 a month and a free two-year pass to all Creighton sporting events?

--Regarding Phillips, PYB has debated sharing our thoughts about him since his death in January, but never had the heart or wherewithal to do it. Random story:, in 1995, as we interviewed Brook Berringer in a Memorial Stadium hallway after practice, Phillips cornered us to ask if we were with the Daily Nebraskan -- the student newspaper that had recently run a cartoon implying LP hadn't obtained his black droptop, 5.0 Mustang in proper fashion.

PYB quickly (wisely) replied no, we were with the university. Phillips said, "Good, I don't like them guys," and moved on toward the locker room. Crisis averted, and we proceeded with our interview.

Less than a year later, Berringer died. Twenty years later, Phillips died. Two men who couldn't have been more different meeting the same eventual fate. One White, the angelic picture of everything Nebraskans consider right in the world. Destined for greatness. Died too young doing what he loved.

NU fans: Replace your 1994 championship t-shirts.
One Black, the picture of everything the rural Midwest is not. Equipped for greatness, but destined for tragedy. Casual observers saw it, whether it be during brief on-campus interactions 20 years ago, the night after the 1996 Fiesta Bowl when PYB saw him at an Arizona club surrounded by a band of sycophants with dollar signs in their eyes, or newspaper stories detailing his constant legal troubles and eventual California prison sentencing.

LP blew countless chances, but had no chance from the start. Media types keep going to the well, rehashing the story. Like Lars Asubsequent story pointed to nothing but what California authorities reported. Next up, a Showtime documentary releasing December 16. And, you guessed it, Anderson is a contributor. Get a new story, Lars.
nderson, who misled the public and claimed he'd unveil the real details surrounding Phillips' death - when his

Let it go.

Free LP.