Thursday, April 14, 2016

It's Faaaaantastic

PYB woke up this morning, feeling compelled to put pen to paper, after a long and unfortunate break between posts that will likely be followed by another long and unfortunate break. Here goes:

-Kobe Bryant went out on top last nite, ending his career by scoring 60 points on just 50 shots! What memories!! The night began with a contrived tribute from Jack Nicholson on the big screen. Then as many shots as some starting pitchers thrown in a five-inning baseball outing- 50 to get 60! Twenty one three point attempts. Six made. Twelve free throws.

A fake final chapter for a fake player with fake titles (series vs. Kings, anyone?), a fake smile, a fake nickname, fake marriage and a fake wife before she became his ex-wife. There was, of course, a very real rape allegation that went Poof! like a cloud of weed smoke in the Colorado air. Congrats Kobe -- you must be proud.

Sadly, for most of the end of his tenure, he was one of the few real killers left in the NBA. A player who you absolutely knew was going to make the shot when you didn't want him to. Possibly the only real killer for several years until Steph Curry came along.

Speaking of Curry and the Golden State Warriors -- if someone had to break the Chicago Bulls 72-10 season record, PYB is glad it's them instead of a bunch of overrated dickbags (See: Los Angeles Laker/Miami Heat championship teams) who wouldn't have stood a chance against Michael Jordan in any circumstance in a seven-game series.

The Warriors, on the other hand, have proven for two seasons that they can just throw up three after three and make them from almost anywhere at a high percentage. They play instead of preen. They're talked about but far from an overblown media sensation. If, however, you're going to try to convince us that Draymond Green would be the X Factor in a series against that Bulls team, and that Chicago would have no answer for him, you'll have to try harder than that.

Finally, speaking of overblown media sensations, Queen James sat out Wednesday night -- a night with two of the brightest spotlights in eons shining on his league. Fitting indeed, that Her Highness was on the bench in the name of Rest.

James must have felt befuddled, knowing that he has no chance to win another title with Golden State in the way. That he will never have the hateful killer instinct like Bryant and Jordan had. And that he's on the verge of being known more as a coach killer than a ring-bearing icon. Sorry, Queen, you get you pay for.

One football note: kickoff is only five months away, and Nebraska fans will be happy to know that their starting quarterback has matured greatly in the four months since last season and will make better decisions in the passing game. Sounds like Tommy Armstrong can now also complete screen passes. He even makes better decisions OFF the field, deciding to get married to his girlfriend after someone at a party at his house was accused of rape. Sounds logical.

Given that this is the third time PYB has heard the same bullshit April lines, we'll hope the results are different when the Cornhuskers have to prove their mettle in October while running the gauntlet of Purdue, Illinois and Rutgers. Anybody can do it in practice.

All for now.....PYB.