Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dust in the Wind

Nice fucking day by the Cornhusker contingent yesterday in Kansas.

--First, the NU basketball team has multiple players mention Madison Square Garden while talking about the NIT tournament. Apparently, they forgot that teams must score points, play defense, and be tough to win three games against very good competition on the road to get to MSG. So, are kids so soft these days that one big win and talk that they are on the outside of the NCAA bubble gets them overconfident. Sad, indeed.

Wichita State absolutely bottle blasted and ass-raped these pathetic Huskers, who gave about as much resistance to the Shockers as a single mom of three gives to a rich guy trying to get into her pants. Where is the drive, the fire, the anger? Hard fouls, nope. Attitude, nope. Competitive instinct to not take it up the ass on national television with a high-ranking ESPN announcing duo on hand.....nope. A 76-49 loss that wasn't that close....yep. Pussy JB Diaz didn't start and fat Andre Almeida didn't play...sore knee from carrying around his 380-pound carcass.

Hopefully, at least, all the bandwagon NU fans watched the game and heard what a real crowd sounds like. The 7300 at Koch Arena last night sounded more like 12,000. The 12,000 at the Devaney Center sounds more like 9000. Better crowd, better talent, better team. C U Next Tuesday, Skers.

Second, Mike Anderson led his team to a come-from-ahead loss in Manhattan. Up 5-0, Anderson must have chipped in some of his finest worst to lead NU to a 6-5 loss. So PYB continues to be vindicated, knowing all too well that the Huskers would post another pathetic campaign in 2011. Losing to team like Kansas State is just foreshadowing of another last-place Big 12 finish.

The Huskers are who we thought they were, and Tom Osborne continues to let Anderson off the hook!

On that note, enjoy March Madness. Hopefully you're skipping work or at least cutting out early. We will's an annual tradition since we discovered sports bars, degenerate gambling and green pitchers of beer in 1995.

And forgive any extended hiatus this weekend, as hangovers will be prevalent and all extra time will be devoted to handicapping another watered-down, shitty field of 64!!! Top O' the Mornin' To Ya!

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