Friday, March 11, 2011

Tourney Time

Due to exhaustion, PYB refuses to delve deeper into Nebraska's latest conference basketball tournament flop. This year's installment of the Big 12 bracket in Kansas City is going just as expected through two days, as we take you through a quick-hit tour:

Oklahoma State vs. Nebraska--NU didn't guard the three, allowing one of the worst shooting teams in the country to get a big early lead, and made its 14th first-round exit in 20 years. Hope NIT preparations are going well. PYB pick: OSU money line +155. Cha-ching.

Iowa State vs. Colorado--CU nearly pissed away their NCAA tourney chances, but in the end, ISU pissed away the game but still covered. PYB pick: ISU +6. Cha-ching.

Oklahoma vs. Baylor--OU romped the shitty Bears 84-67, as Baylor has been plagued by lack of focus and poor shot selection all season. OU is not as bad as advertised. Now BU gets to hope for a decent seed and a crowd of more than 2500 in the NIT. PYB pick: OU +7. Cha-ching.

Texas Tech vs. Missouri--The Tigers are HORRID away from Columbia. TT isn't that bad, or is at least athletic. PYB pick: TT +10. Cha-ching.

Oklahoma State vs. Kansas--KU cemented its status as the biggest hoops underachiever in the last 30 years, nearly laying an egg in a 63-62 win over a very mediocre Cowboy team. The Jayhawks are a perennial lightweight, who will now probably win the B12 tournament before exiting stage left next week in the round of 32. PYB Pick: No play. Refuse to bet KU games.

Colorado vs. Kansas State--The Buffs beats the Mildcats for the third time this season, all while getting an outrageous +7.5 points. KSU's bugaboos from earlier this season arose once again, and CU clinched its spot in the dance next week. PYB pick: CU +7.5. Cha-ching.

OU vs. Texas--The Sooners showed that they can really be a bad team one day after a big win. UT screwed around long enough before running out to a 74-54 win. PYB didn't trust either team for shit. PYB Pick: No play.

Missouri vs. Texas A&M--Let's get this straight. A team that won one road game this year was favored by 3 over a team with a good coach and some discipline? This one was obvious, no points needed. See ya Tigers, have fun losing in the first round next week. PYB Pick: Texas A&M money line. Cha-ching.

Colorado vs. Kansas--The Buffs will be playing for the third straight day. KU will get the calls but will have an outrageously high line. And they can't cover big spreads with regularity because they aren't very good. How will CU react knowing they're in the field of 60-whatever-it-is-now? Lots of questions, we have no answer. PYB pick: No play. (We don't bet KU games, remember?)

Texas A&M vs. Texas--Not sure what to make of this game, but Texas is still ripe for a couple more tourney flops this spring. Put the line at 6.5 or more, and we're riding the Aggies. It's always fun to have money against the Horns and watch Rick Barnes get outfoxed yet again.

Have fun this weekend! The Big East tourney is a good betting proposition too, with easy winners abound yesterday. However, real-life work duties call and today's preview is OVER!

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