Thursday, March 24, 2011

Marching On....

--Before PYB gets to some March Madness business, let's take time to congratulate Mike Anderson on making the state PROUD! He's led his warriors to a six-game win streak and a 16-7 record by battling to big wins over North Dakota and 1-13 Northern Colorado. Obviously, a couple household names in Omaha at the College World Series.

Should be good preparation for the Big 12 slate, as they start with Texas Tech in Lubbock on Friday. Considering NU hasn't been able to beat Sam Houston and Texas State, this weekend's trip should be a breeze!

--The Sweet 16 kicks off tonite, and here are our picks. If we continue our picking ways from last weekend, just take the opposite of these and get rich:

Florida -2.5 over BYU--Gators sucked in SEC final, so obviously rolling in the Dance.

Butler +3.5 over Wisconsin--PYB hasn't correctly picked a UW game, EVER. Beware.

SDSU Pick over UConn--We vow to keep picking against Huskies until they don't cover. We've missed five straight games doing so. Would anyone have guessed that Steve Fisher has been the Aztecs' head coach since 1999? Not us.

Arizona +9 over Duke--Is Duke good enough to cover nine against anyone right now? Of course, if you bet against them, it's a 30-point win over the Mildcats. If you take the Blue Devils, they win by one on a last-second bullshit call.

--In a final note, we finished watching "The Fab Five" on DVR last nite, and it was a mildly interesting show plagued by a ton of sensationalism. Did they bring a new attitude and excitement to the game and attract young people? Absolutely. Did they transform college basketball by bringing it into the hip hop era with baggy shorts and bald heads? Um, NO. Did they polarize a nation that was picking between black and white? Hell no.

Michael Jordan started the trends, and The Five did it because all the other young kids were doing it---even high school kids. We graduated in 1992, we know. Guest appearances and music tracks from Public Enemy and Ice Cube were fun, but unnecessary. Just another example of the "Worldwide Leader" overhyping a show filled with revisionist history. So in the end, it was more fluff than substance and Chris Webber looked like a pussy once again for not participating in the show and for not staying another year to win a title.

Maybe they did start a trend then---valuing money over wins and competitive pride--a trend that has ruined college sports across the board. Bling bling, bitches.

Stay tuned for Friday's picks tomorrow.....


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