Friday, March 4, 2011

Weekend Preview

--Novel concept by UCLA coach John Savage.....think Mike Anderson is listening? Doubtful.

--If anyone knows how the Husker basketball team will play tomorrow in Boulder, let us know. We can see anything from a win to a 30-point loss. PYB will be dropping some dough on CU, to either cash in on a blowout or buy NU a win over CU.

--Speaking of wagers, can anyone tell who we had our money on last night in the Orlando vs. Miami game? The Heat blew a 24-point second half lead by surrendering a 40-9 run. Lebron James hogged the ball in crunch time, and failed again....and the Heat lost again. So much for beating the Bulls' 72-10 mark. The things that fail them late in games are the things that win championships: defense, an offensive post presence, and an offensive identity on critical late-game possessions.

--This study is a crock of shit. Seven percent of NCAA football players have 'been in trouble with the law.' Big deal. PYB says the regular college population would check in at AT LEAST seven percent, if anything like alcohol or marijuana offenses are counted. Thanks to the blowhards that published this, we get to listen to every overreactionist talking head on ESPN rant about this for four days before forgetting about it entirely.

--Finally, it's surprising to watch Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg sell his soul in his first season leading the Cyclones. Yesterday, former Michigan State guard Korie Lucious announced he was heading to Ames after getting booted by Tom Izzo in East Lansing.

Lucious is another in the long string of questionable transfers Hoiberg has accrued in less than a year in his position. It's not likely he'll receive the same scrutiny another coach would if things go awry with one of these combustible malcontents, considering he's the hometown kid coming back to save the program. But it's still a big gamble--a gamble that would have crucified many coaches before the players stepped on the court in a regular-season game.

Here's hoping The Mayor knows how to keep his constituents happy with limited minutes and a team concept.

--Nice alternate viewpoint on BYU's "honor code."

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