Friday, March 25, 2011

Marching On...

Well PYB went 3-1 last night, with the only slip up being the SDSU pick over UConn. The Huskies still won't fad, and we'll see if they have one more win in them Saturday against an impressive Arizona squad. The fact that we hit three games in one night is amazing, and we'll try to continue the trend tonite. A quick recap of last night's action is below, followed by tonight's fearless prognostications:

BYU vs. Florida:
The Gators couldn't close out the Cougars in regulation, screwing bettors who had BYU at +3 as they trounced Jimmer & Co. in OT. Anyone who says Fredette is overrated is a fucking fool, as he has every skill in the book to get to the rack and 30-foot range from outside. Apparently, the fact that he's not as quick as Rajon Rondo and may not make the NBA Hall of Fam is disconcerting to some.

But anyone who watches his game and his ability to handle the ball with either hand and finish on quicker and bigger defenders has to be impressed. He has 10 times the game that JJ Redick had in college, and Redick has been a nice NBA player. Bottom line: quit hating on white guards. In the end, though, the Gators depth of athleticism wore BYU out, and Fredette's fantastic career in Provo was finished.

SDSU vs. UConn:
We were totally impressed with SDSU's rebounding, athleticism and ability to finish buckets at the goal. If they could shoot the ball at all from outside, they win by 15 points. Seven for 22 from three won't get it done against a hot Big East team. Still, they are a legitimate Top 10 team and ran into a buzzsaw last nite, so to speak.

Arizona vs. Duke:
The Cats were just too athletic and too good for Duke, who was installed as a #1 seed and 10-point favorite almost entirely based on their tradition. Zona has been the best team in the tournament to date.

Wisconsin vs. Butler:
The Bulldogs bottle blasted the Badgers. No further words a required for this typical Wisconsin effort. Unwatchable, brutal, you choose the adjective.

Now for FRIDAY'S picks:

UNC -4.5 over Marquette:
PYB loves Marquette. Scrappy. Rugged. Tireless. Fearless. They've grinded it out in two wins, but we think it stops here. If Roy Williams can stay out of the way, Carolina's superior talent and size will win out in the end.

Ohio State -6 over Kentucky:
The Buckeyes have been the nations most consistent and best team all year.

Richmond +10 over Kansas:
Kansas got its one blowout win over Illinois. It's meltdown time for the Jayhawks.

VCU vs. Florida State:
No clue. Why are they playing an NIT game during the Sweet 16? OK, good joke. Anyway, we'll take VCU just for the fuck of it, but the odds of picking this game correctly are slim to none.

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