Monday, February 28, 2011

February Finale

PYB offers up this early morning post this last day of February, the shittiest month on the calendar:

--Roy Helu runs 4.43 and 4.42 on consecutive tries at the NFL Combine in Indy. Glad to see Shawn Twatson underutilized him the last three seasons. Helu has to be the fastest straight-ahead back NU has had since Ahman Green and is perhaps the shiftiest of all time. Maybe Keith Williams' performance explains some of that, along w/ the fact that Watson will be doing mop-up QB coach duties in Louisville this season.

--So the vaunted Nebraska baseball offense petered out this weekend, capping their trip to Texas with back-to-back losses against Sam Houston State. The Huskers are at 5-3 and are 0-3 against second-tier Texas schools. In true John Sanders form, all the wins have come against cupcakes: Air Force (who was swept by York College last season), Washington, Missouri State and Northern Colorado x 2. Looks like Anderson's boys are falling apart earlier than usual. Can they axe him this early and just give the job to Darin Erstad? Can't get worse? Hell, we'd take Shawn Watson at this point.

--As far as rigged shit goes, this is pretty cool. Even David Stern would have to be proud. The best part of the video is seeing his two teammates conduct their own private conversation during the press conference.

--Is Ryan Mallett being unfairly singled out? Who knows, but he always has seemed pretty trashy, as in he will star in the sequel to the "Pretty Fly for White Guy" video or was an extra in 8 Mile. Anyone wanna buy a piece of shit Chrysler?

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