Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nebraska Basketball

It is nice that Doc Sadler and his team are getting some love from all the people who couldn't have cared less a month ago. But now isn't the time to stop pushing, to stop doing the things that have propelled them past teams with loads more talent: team defense, shot selection, limiting turnovers, playing with maximum effort.

This is a team where one blip will result in a 25-point loss. You can read more about the bandwagon fans in Nebraska in this uninspired Tom Shatel column, 75 percent of which was lifted word-for-word from his Monday noontime chat session.

Give Sadler his deserved credit, but spare us the scenarios where we guess if NU has to go 3-1 to make the field of 68 or whatever the hell it is this year. Spare us the guesses on if 3-1 will get NU a 4th seed in the B12 tournament and a first-round bye. They are meaningless, as a couple losses takes NU from the middle of the conference pack to the bottom third quicker than you can say Barry Collier.

This team must play each possession with equal intensity and solid fundamentals, in hopes of putting together one win at a time. The physical ability and scoring punch aren't strong enough to do otherwise. In other words, enjoy the ride, go to the games, scream at the awful Big 12 officiating and hope for the best...We'll finish with a nice Q & A from Yahoo! Sports that's devoid of all the cliche answers that bore us to tears...

In other CBB notes, a good Bob-Knight type meltdown here....

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