Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yellow 'Melo

How quickly we forget, as Carmelo Anthony finally returns to the scene of the crime to become a New York Knick. Apparently, we forget his studio gangster act of a few years ago, documented on this grainy video only as David Stern and his NBA gestapo have wiped any other accounts of this video from internet existence.

Never before has the NBA seen a pussy act of this magnitude, and likely won't ever again. It's safe to say that if Jared Jeffries is not afraid to chase you 94 feet to the other end of the court, you're not necessarily the next Anthony Mason or even Jerry Stackhouse.

Maybe the Knicks can play his Stop Snitchin' video before his first game at MSG, or recount his DUI or weed arrests before intros......not that this has anything to do w/ the present of future...so let's get to that. ESPN lists the NYK starting five as Anthony, Amare Stoudemire, Chauncey Billups, Landry Fields and Ronny Turiaf.

So what exactly did the Knicks accomplish with this trade? Well they dumped their starting point guard in Raymond Felton, their best shooter in Danilo Gallinari and their most versatile player in Wilson Chandler. In return, they got Anthony, one of the league's top offensive players.

In total, did they get better. Sure, they'll rack up more regular-season wins. But this trade likely means little to the bottom line. With an aging point guard in Billups and two horrible defenders in Anthony and Stoudemire, acing out the Celtics, Heat or Magic in the East ain't going to happen. Throw in the fact that the new unit has fewer than 30 games to play together before the playoffs, and that the other two starters are a journeyman in Turiaf who averages 3.9 rebounds a game for his career and good-but-not-great rookie in Fields, and that only makes it more unlikely.

Hey, but Stern got what he wanted...another mega-star (who hasn't done shit as far as winning goes) in New York City---television market #1. More star power at The Garden, but more substance? PYB says not.

We just hope Stern gets it over with and contracts the league to four teams full of superstars that play 290-point games with no defense, no fundamentals and no heart. It would be just perfect--and we wouldn't have to root for our favorite teams anymore--knowing with certainty now that the NBA is rigged.

We'd still bet on it, though. Enjoy it, Big Apple....and all the rest of us will chuckle when you boo Stoudemire for blowing another defensive rotation in the 101-80 Game 5 loss to Boston.


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  2. Because in football they will always root for a white player to play more than a non-white just because he is white. Burkhead over Helu.

    And they don't follow basketball as closely and HATE the NBA because the sports are both primarily played by black players