Saturday, February 26, 2011

As we brace for an early morning road trip to Lebanon, Ariz. (aka Tucson), we wanted to drop the readers a quick-hit post and apologize for our sporadic posting frequency in recent weeks.

--PYB is glad to see that Niles Paul's delusions of his own grandeur haven't faded. Truly amazing. He may not have finished as NU's leading receiver of all time, but he has to be the career leader in singlehandedly blown games.

--Ames is always a tough place to win, especially for Nebraska's basketball team. The bandwagon fan base will expect NU to be able to show up and win, but anyone with a basketball IQ knows this is a 50/50 game. Vegas agrees, as the Cyclones are a one-point favorite. PYB dreads the thought of the faux riche in Ames prancing around in their circa 1988 sweatshirts, made in every color in the rainbow despite ISU's colors being gold and red, as they top off an eight-point win over NU with the help of some bad calls, timely threes and Husker miscues. Been there, done that. Hope we are wrong!

--So confuse. So Ted Gilmore is good enough for USC, who has stocked NFL teams with top-level receivers for years but not for Nebraska, who hasn't had a receiver stick in the league for, well, um, since Irving Fryar????? Something strange here doesn't add up. Are the Trojans really that desperate or was Gilmore a scapegoat?

--Mike Anderson & the NU baseball team continue their propaganda campaign, showing off their POWERFUL offense by beating another overmatched opponent. We like the OWH lead, mentioning that giving up eight runs and committing five errors usually doesn't get you a win. Well, yeah, unless you schedule like John Sanders with 15 games against absolute cupcakes. They've disguised it by scheduling UCLA and Fresno the next two weekends, but the fact that the rest of the non-conference games provide no measure of the team's progress during the spring is embarrassing.

--WGC golf executives must be thrilled with their final eight players. Unpredictability is the nature of the match-play beast, but being stuck with these cardboard personalities will make even the most avid golf fans say ho-hum: Luke Donald, Matt Kuchar, Martin Kaymer, JB Holmes, YE Yang (we like him but he doesn't speak the language so interaction with the crowd is minimal), and Ryan Moore (fake indie wardrobe and attitude). Can they replay the NBA All-Star game instead?

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