Thursday, February 17, 2011

No Whammies in Norman

PYB is the victim of a time crunch today, so we'll have to settle for an abbreviated recap of Nebraska's 59-58 win over Oklahoma last night in Norman. In a complete 180 from the double whammy that describes most of our gambling forays on NU hoops, we wound up victorious thanks to the Sooners' almost-three but only-a-two to win with a line of +1.5. A rare occurrence, indeed.

Almost as rare as that gambling victory were a couple other landmarks Wednesday night:

1. An NU road win....The Cornhuskers first since 2009.

2. The fact that the TV announcers have gone two straight games without mentioning that Husker PG Lance Jeter played football at Cincinnati before coming to Lincoln. Actually, this is more like one game straight because the prior game was done by NU's announcers Greg Sharpe and Eric Piatkowski. They did mention he played in HS and had a football body, but not Cincy!

3. And, as rare as it may seem, Big 12 officials turned in another terribly officiated game which was capped by the WORST FUCKING CALL IN COLLEGE BASKETBALL HISTORY when they called Jeter for a charge in the first half. Atrocious. Embarrassing. Not even close.

All in all, the win is what NU needed to keep its NIT and slim NCAA hopes alive. A great win, but unremarkable in style. Doc & Company pushed the lead to six points with around two minutes to go, but followed that up with two awful possessions and gave OU a quick three and a basket and foul to tie it up. Lead gone. Poof! Hell, Brandon Ubel even tried one of his famous "girl squatting three pointers" while NU tanked the lead.

But they won, despite the fact that Andre Almeida picked up three fouls in 90 seconds in the first half and Brandon Richardson went scoreless in just 19 minutes. Jeter, JB Diaz, Toney McCray and Caleb Walker (PYB Fave) all chipped in nicely and NU ended up with a win.

Next up is a likely bottle blasting vs. UT and its soon-to-be-second-round losing NCAA team on Saturday. It would be fun if the game was close, so we can see Rick Barnes flail cluelessly around like Mack Brown on a fall Saturday. Then, more importantly, another must-win vs KSU in Lincoln. A bad matchup for NU and tough assignment indeed.

The fight goes on. C'mon....No WHAMMIES!

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