Thursday, February 10, 2011

Double Whammy

PYB knew it before Wednesday night, and we were proven right. Baylor sucks. They still beat Nebraska, though, 74-70 in a game that featured 44 Bear free throws to 19 for the Huskers.

Contrary to popular belief, the free throw disparity was not the reason NU lost. Baylor's lame press, lack of offensive flow, poor shot slection, terrible free throw shooting (31 of 44), and overall lack of inspiration gave the Husker's plenty of chances to win the game. They couldn't capitalize.

BU coach Scott Drew did the only thing that can keep NU in games on the road--slow the pace. But Doc Sadler couldn't get his men over the hump, as the team fell to 3-6 in B12 play and 0-5 on the road. Most of Baylor's free throws came as a result of NU's big men being pushed around on the boards and then not moving their feet and reaching in on putback attempts or drives to the hoop.

Toney McCray will receive the acclaim today for his 23-point outburst. However, his stone hands caused five turnovers and numerous other offensive problems, as he made Niles Paul look like Larry Fitzgerald in the process. McCray gave fans a perfect summary of the night, as NU made a steal down two points in the final minute and had a three-on-one fast break before he fumbled the ball out of bounds without being contested. Game over. Absolutely painful to watch.

Even worse was that PYB absorbed a double whammy, as our Baylor -6 bet took a dive on Lance Jeter's meaningless trash three pointer, and then the subsequent no-call on the foul after the ball was inbounded. Almost a given: Husker loss, but opponent doesn't cover. Sayonara to our dough. It's expected as much as another deflating road loss, which should make it easier for NU to bounce back in it's next two games against Oklahoma State and Oklahoma. These games both must be won, or any postseason hopes are gone. See you Saturday, Cowpokes.

We cannot wait to see how this fucks up the tournament next month. One of the few pure sports events remaining is on its last legs....All the drunks at the bar enjoy the chaos and then the lull after the second games of the day to catch up on work e-mail, play pool, play Big Buck Hunter or slam a few cigs....

Hey ugly Mark Buehrle and your trophy wife: please spare use your save-the-world causes until you post an ERA under 4.00. You wouldn't have your wife without your money, which makes her a shallow snatch with as much character as Ron Mexico.

Goodbye and good riddance to bitter Jerry Sloan. Thank god MJ and Company made sure he never got a ring.

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