Thursday, February 10, 2011

NBA Power Poll 2/10/2011

Thanks to AZBuckeye for his latest NBA Power Poll....gone for a few weeks as he prepped for his wedding. So congrats on that front....And as it sounds more & more like Deron Williams ran Jerry Sloan out of town, we now realize why we've never thought he was as good as advertised. That---and his 1920s hair style.

After a long absence, here is the latest edition of the NBA Top 10. I am doing this in honor of Jerry Sloan today, I hate to see an old school guy like Jerry leave the NBA.

1. Spurs - They have been amazing this year. One of the Top 5 records ever in the NBA 50 games into the season.

2. Celtics - This team is built for the playoffs. Aging veterans and they have a day or two between games to rest and heal their wounds.

3. Mavericks - As Dirk Nowitzki goes, so do the Mavericks. My MVP is Dirk this year.

4. Heat - LeBron putting this team on his back. Is anyone else in Miami concerned that Chris Bosh is just a little above average ballplayer?

5. Bulls - The Bulls' Big Three of Rose, Boozer and Noah should have plenty of time to gel before the playoffs. Would not surprise me at all if they represent the East in the finals.

6. Lakers - If they pull off the Bynum-for-Carmelo trade I will be watching baseball instead of the NBA playoffs! Gasol was a gift from Memphis. Denver better not be that crazy!

7. Thunder - Can't wait to see this team in the playoffs this year. Looking like San Antonio in the semifinals right now.

8. Hawks - Hard team to figure out. They look great two games and then get blown out the third. Maybe that's why the attendance is terrible in the ATL.

9. Magic - All the wheeling and dealing and this team is still average. If Dwight Howard would get injured this would be another Cleveland.

10. Hornets - This team got off to a great start, which I thought was a fluke. They have remained a steady ball club and really have surprised me in the way the compete every night.

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