Thursday, May 12, 2011

We'll Talk...

--Today's Tyler Gabbert Award for Courage goes to Tiger Woods, who quit after nine holes of The Players Championship, because his game is trash and blamed it on his knee. Maybe his 'talk' with Bubba Watson didn't shed any light on his sinking game.

--Well put by The Diggler when sending this link to PYB: UNO has donors? At PYB, we prefer to call them halfwits who couldn't pass their classes in Lincoln and had to transfer back to UNO and live in Big Daddy's house while siphoning his cash to pay for the next six years of classes while laboring for a general business degree.

Sure, PYB was sympathetic to the cause of the Maverick wrestling and football programs, which were axed with little forethought and less tact. But when NFL washout Chris Bober calls the football program's cut a product of a 'conspiracy' by the Nebraska athletic department (the real Lincoln) because the Cornhuskers were scared of the sleeping giant Mavericks that is fucking laughable! A sleeping Division I giant? Why? Because they don't consistently make the Division II playoffs and rarely, if ever, go deep into them? Because Nebraska and Iowa provide such fertile recruiting grounds for speed and athleticism that it is just a matter of time before a second D-I program thrives?

The Maverick program turned out to be just a shell, just like its poster boy Rod Kush's status, wealth and business were. F you, Mavs. University of No Opportunity, once and for all...but they have dorms now! And a new student union! TRUTH: It's a glorified high school.

Even more ironic is seeing Paula LaVigne report this story. Somehow she branched out to broadcast journalism. PYB remembers editing her Daily Nebraskan stories down from 5000 wandering words to a mere 2000, as she rambled on about the latest 'news' on the UNL campus.

--Dwight Howard = soft. Coming up: one Lebron-type excuse and a run to another contender where he can hide behind a real star with the stones to win big games---or at least a first-round playoff series.

--Speaking of Lebron James, his SUPPOSED apology to Cleveland for his handling of his signing with Miami is a joke. Paraphrasing he said, "I couldn't do it all myself." Michael Jordan never said this. He got role players, and they formed a team. James got scared, and ran to the point of least resistance. That's the difference between a coward and a six-time champion.

--Finally, PYB lodges an indirect complaint and rant from RunLike, who is not happy with the NBA's All-Defensive first team. To any knowledgeable basketball fan, the second team of Tony Allen, Chris Paul, Tyson Chandler, Andrea Iguodala and Joakim Noah are likely better than the first team of Dwight Howard, Rajon Rondo, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett.

Howard and Rondo are legitimate picks, but Queen James is living off his name alone, Bryant has never been a lockdown defender and guards smaller and slower opponents consistenly, while KG is five years removed from being a legitimate All-Defense first-teamer, as he's all snarl and cheap shots and nut grabs and little substance these days.

What Allen has done to Kevin Durant the first four games of the Memphis-OKC series proves he's undervalued. However, the casual fan and apparently the NBA coaches side with big names who happen to average more than two steals or blocks per game. Or, should we say, David Stern makes sure the biggest names with inflated stats are sure to round out these silly teams to keep the NBA Marketing Machine rolling??

The glaring omission is Grant Hill who took on the Suns' best opponent nightly, whether they were quicker or bigger: Blake Griffin, Bryant, Durant, Manu Ginobili, or even one-trick pony Amare Stoudemire.

All for now....thanks for reading....PYB

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