Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Smell......

P-U-S-S-Y (to quote NWA). PYB's love for the Gabbert family grew exponentially Monday evening, when word came out that the latest daughter is transferring away from Mizzou after one bad spring game performance. Nice parenting. Was Tyler's big sister, Blaine, still too shellshocked from Jon Gruden ripping his ass in person on ESPN to offer any advice? When the going gets tough, quit. We saw Blaine hold true to this mantra against Iowa in the Insight Bowl last December.

Oh no. TO is laying the groundwork to keep his pathetic baseball coach around for time everlasting. He "doesn't evaluate solely on record." We have covered the reasons Mike Anderson should have been axed three years ago many times, but apparently Osborne hasn't seen any of them himself. If not, it's time for Osborne to step aside himself.

There is no set of evaluation criteria that Anderson would pass. Haymarket Park is less than half full for series against Top-10 teams. The team will have missed three consecutive conference tournaments after this weekend's series against Texas A&M. How about the player discipline Osborne covets, according to the OWH article? Supposed savior Logan Ehlers getting an MIP a week after he became eligible doesn't fit that category. General player morale? How can that be any good?

If winning is not the goal, shut the program down. Little league and intramurals are there for those just wanting to have a good time.

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