Saturday, May 7, 2011

Triumphant Return for the Roses

PYB makes its triumphant return to blogdom today, only to find to see that nothing has changed at Haymarket Park. Mike Anderson blathers on about 'lost aggressiveness' and one bad at bat tainting the next. Whatever. Top 10 program seven seasons ago, now missing the CONFERENCE tournament for the third straight season---barring the earth shattering occurrence of NU winning consecutive Big 12 series since....who knows....forever.

The offense continues to be pathetic, as it entered the Texas series batting .274 in conference play. One might think a number like that really sucks, until looking at the last three seasons where the Huskers hit .274, .273 and .263 in the Big 12.

One would also think hard numbers like this would lead to a coach's dismissal. But in the wayward, no focus, era of TO as AD...that ain't happening. Just take it up the ass every series as every team wallows in mediocrity. Here's to a Longhorn sweep this weekend!

--In brighter news, the NU football team landed a four-star receiver, whatever that is. Too bad the Huskers' starting QB can't throw, read defenses or elude a pass rush. And wasn't Niles Paul a five-star receiver?

--The Los Angeles Lakers are on the verge of elimination. We all know that Kobe Bryant doesn't need extra free time over the summers.

--The wildly inconsistent Atlanta Hawks stayed consistent Friday night, as they were blasted by the Chicago Bulls 99-82, losing at home for the FOURTEENTH time this season by 13 points or more.

--Don't be mad at Rashard Mendenhall. He's not a bad person. Just stupid and uneducated. Like most football players. Not everyone can have 35 academic all-conference team members each season like Frank Solich.

--The passing of a legend in the golf world......which brings to mind a famous quote by Harry Caray during a Cubs broadcast: "Seev Buh-LESS-stros" has won the Masters.

--Today marks the 137th Run for the Roses in depressing Louisville, Kentucky. Experts are calling it a weak Derby field. Who gives a shit? It's an excuse to gamble and slam booze. PYB has not had time to handicap at all, so please send your picks this way.....

--Here's to another good sports weekend and more NBA playoff games with that shitty Led Zeppelin song re-make to ruin it for us!

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