Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tejas Trio

--PYB checks in quickly from the road to beat a dead horse. Here's to rooting for Missouri this weekend in Lincoln---we want no wiggle room for Mike Anderson's hopes of coaching next season at Nebraska. In the meantime, the Omaha World-Herald has put together some good recaps for us, so that we don't have to....

Somehow, NU is still alive for a conference tournament bid. We're certain, though, that they'll miss for the third consecutive year.

Special thanks to the OWH's new addition, Sam McKewon, for over-analyzing the numbers while providing another damning piece of evidence against Anderson. The guy is a total embarrassment.

But, as long as he keeps chugging along, pumping out a couple Academic All-Conference players each season, TO seems happy. Who knew holding a 3.1 GPA in business administration could mean so much?

--Must have been a slow news day in Omaha sports. This is really worthy of a writeup? Couldn't they have analyzed Nebraska's impact the Big 10's hot dog sales or something equally inane?

--Obviously, this is a little late. But John Smoltz's meltdown last month at the Georgia Classic should end all the experimental field additions on the Nationwide Tour, or any other circuit. Smoltz is a legitimate golfer and shot 84-87. End of story.

--Lastly, let's call the Taj Gibson over Dwyane Wade dunk what it now is---the most overhyped of all time. PYB missed it live, but saw all the rants on Twitter and ESPN. When we finally saw it.....it was an average dunk by a 6'9" player over a much shorter GUARD. No rise, no violence, no thunder. And supposedly this is 'in your face' to Wade because he did what he was supposed to in trying to contest the goal? Please.

That's all for now, we'll check in from the road as soon as we can to update you on all the success-drunk Maverick fans' exaggerated NBA title hopes....

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