Saturday, May 28, 2011

We Have Busch...

So Creighton's new stadium (you know, TD Ameritrade...that they paid for and built, riiiight??) is just like Busch Stadium in St. Louis, only smaller? Agreed. Minus the Arch, the franchise history, the professional players....or even top-level college players, for that matter.

St. Louis cannot boast a better view, though. How can you beat the view of the toxic Asarco job site and a Gallup campus that will never really happen?

Nothing says influential alumni like having to gravy train all your facilities off the city and its taxpayers.

And is the other facility Creighton built and financed(right?), the Qwest Center, a mini Madison Square Garden?

-Henry Doorly Zoo is just a smaller San Diego Zoo.

-The rain forest there is a mini-Amazon.

-The desert dome is almost as nice as the Sahara Desert.

-Both UNMC and Creighton Medical Center are mini Mayo Clinics.

-Werner Park is better than Yankee Stadium.

-Omaha's wonderful restaurants are third in the world, behind Paris and Rome.

-The riverboat casinos rival the Wynn and Bellagio in Las Vegas, only with hotter chicks.

-The City of Omaha is actually just like Manhattan--with downtown and MidTown and all, and it will likely be the best city ever once the overpriced, under-amenitied MidTown Crossing condos there are complete.

Why anyone would choose NOT to live there is amazing??

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