Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Epic Night

--Thank goodness for Omaha's great infrastructure! The downtown are survived the droves of fans that teemed into the area for two epic events: a Bob Seger concert and a college baseball game between two bottom feeding teams. Luckily, it wasn't 1979 Bog Seger was still relevant or 2002 when Nebraska actually won games. The odds of managing such traffic, which likely had to rival that of any Olympics or the March on Washington, had to be lower than the New Orleans' levees holding after Hurricane Katrina. And let's all say a prayer of thanks that Eddie Money wasn't opening for Seger, as that would have just been too much for any traffic system to handle....

--And just in case you wondered, the Bluejays beat NU 9-8 after nearly coming from ahead to lose after posting a 9-0 lead. It's good to know that Mike Anderson is just as bad during the week againt bad non-conference competition as he is on weekends against sub-par Big 12competition.

--It's always a good move to go old school, in this case the Washington Wizards--now time to become the Bullets once again. Staying as the Wizards instead of the supposedly violence-provoking "Bullets" won't prevent the deadbeats in DC from murdering each other.

Have a great Wednesday, and look for a post soon about the farce that is the NBA All-Defensive Team!

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