Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rat Sighting?

--Doc Sadler posted a video on Facebook from his trip to Augusta National with Bo Pinelli. At the end of this video, PYB thinks Rat Solich emerges but cannot be certain. Does he get to call timeout every time he's uncertain on club selection? No question.

--The Mavs win Game One over Oklahoma City 121-112, with Dirk Nowitzki getting a Stern-rigged 24 free throw attempts. The over/under was a ridiculous 193.5. PYB didn't bet it. Nor did we bet the +375 lines of Dirk and Kevin Durant for scoring more than 34 points. Dirk had 48 points, and KD had 40. Figures.

--Speaking of rigged, Cleveland wins the NBA Draft Lottery. David Stern is so arrogant that he doesn't even hide his puppet mastering anymore.

--The Chicago Cubs racked up another loss last night, this installment being a 7-5 defeat to the Cincinnati Reds. After posting two early leads, the Cubs blew it and ALL SEVEN runs were unearned. Tough luck for pitchers Matt Garza and Kerry Wood, right? Only thing was that both fielding errors allowing the runs were made by the pitchers themselves. Only the Cubs.....

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