Monday, May 30, 2011

The Stranger...

--Cody Green is leaving Nebraska. No big deal. He isn't a very good quarterback and certainly not Division I material. PYB wishes him luck in his search for playing time and thanks him for being a class act in Lincoln.

That said, Shawn Twatson crushed any chance Green ever had of being successful at a major university, continually calling plays that did not fit the quarterback's skills and putting him in the game in horrible situations--usually inside NU's own ten yard line with the game on the line. Twatson's embarrassing tenure at Nebraska had a major negative effect on many parties, even after his departure.

--Here's a great theory by another fool-with-a-dick blogger: Nebraska will own the Big Ten, because Jim Tressel is a crook. So since Tressel got axed/resigned, the Cornhuskers will roll through their new conference even though they have an offense that can't score, a bad QB, no depth at RB and an offensive line that's been bad for 14 years, and barely made the 2010 final Top 25. OK, we can see it now.

--By the way, what took so long with Tressel? Apparently, wearing a sweater vest, suit or bow tie will delay justice for a few months as one's falsely contrived image erodes with each new allegation.

--Now...Bo Pinelli to Ohio State? Perfect fit. The Buckeyes haven't had a good offense for 30 years. Unless, of course, you work at ESPN and are able to see just how dominant they are while rolling up another 19-6 win on Illinois.

--Thanks, Deadspin, for this classic...I don't give a hell!

--Finally, enjoy your Memorial Day holiday with this money song of the day...

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