Friday, May 20, 2011

Thunder Nation

--Now this is a dunk worth talking about. Taller player, vertical rise, power on the finish. Still no MJ over Ewing, however... Or Pippen on Ewing.... Or Jordan again...

--Delaying the inevitable at Haymarket Park. As NU's baseball team strives for its third-straight last-place Big 12 finish, Mike Anderson goes on record saying he runs a 'pretty good program.' We would certainly, then, hate to see a bad one. Does that qualify as denial or just complete detachment from reality?

--And another repeat dunk, for old time's sake.....somehow, from 19 years ago.

--PYB was pleased with the Game One results from both NBA Conference Finals...but now we see it coming. David Stern rigging an OKC vs. Miami finals, as he ushers in the newly anointed starts in Kevin Durant and LeBron James. Dirk Nowitzki will receive the Charles Barkley Award for being a good NBA soldier who plays the patsy and never gets a ring. The beat goes on...

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