Friday, May 27, 2011

Scottie Pippen...

Has lost his mind. Or an attempt to stay relevant. At least one former Jordan teammate has kept his sanity. Maybe Pippen's was destroyed during one of his nose jobs...

Apparently, two decent playoff series make LeQueen James the best ever? Consider the source, though. Great defender...but the same guy who refused to go back in the game when a game-ending play wasn't called for him. Possibly the start of the me-first pussy era in the NBA...

This link is Exhibit Z as to why The Queen could never match MJ. A real man would never do this...

A few other reasons why he'll never be MJ, or Kobe Bryant for that matter.

--Six rings to none

--Any rings The Queen does get won't count, since he ran for the hills and Dwyane Wade's help

--Can't close games

--Misses critical free throws, continually, even in regular-season games

--Doesn't make his teammates better

--Couldn't stay with Cleveland and mold the Cavaliers into a champion

--Low basketball IQ (aka the dribble for 20 seconds and jack a three at the buzzer offensive philosophy)

--Continued loss of focus, keeping the opponent close rather than winning by 30 points.

LQJ could win 10 NBA championships, and none of them will count. He sealed his fate as a pussy and a fraud the day he signed on in South Beach--the home of fake tans, fake tits and fake titles....


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