Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day Miscellany

PYB's stance on this long as Mike Anderson still has a job at NU, Doc Sadler's security should NEVER be a question. Scary, though, is Tom Osborne's stated stance that as long as Nebraska's non-football sports are good once in a while, it is OK to suck the rest of the time. PYB heard it with its own ears at a speaking engagement this spring. Not good.

Bettors load up on the Jayhawks. You know TO has told Bo Pelini to take it easy on Gill's overmatched KU squad Saturday. And who knows about the QB situation.

Interesting tidbit on the ManPig, Mark Mangino....

For what it's worth, PYB says Cam Newton has to be crooked. Regardless of all the rumors, he's just too cocksure and smooth and pulls the "I Love God" line WAY too early in the questioning to be trusted.

This one's for you, Hubcap. Time to put big money on the Bears Sunday. The players may hate Brad Childress, but we think the 'winning despite him' quote is a bit ridiculous considering the Viking 3-5 record, which required a late comeback last week against the lowly Arizona Cardinals.

So much for Wilson Chandler's teeth after an unintentional elbow from David Lee. Lee had a victorious return to MSG, where he used to rack up more rebounds in one night than the newest Knick Amare Stoudemire would have in a week.

Finally, you gotta love the shirt that we never thought would sell but have seen three times in person. T-Magic....from the Todd Carstens collection.

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