Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rise & Fire...

As Gus Johnson gets another amazing game as Cincinnati and Buffalo fight it out, here's one of our favorite clips of ALL TIME.........maybe!!!

Great column in the OWH by Dirk Chatelain. Too bad he's too nice to say Shawn Watson is the problem.

Doc Sadler's boys bounced back to win 7th place in Puerto Rico, at least getting one win for the trip. Sure, it's not much, but it was their best overall game of the season. An 0-3 trip would have been disastrous. As for the outside shooting, it will be MIA most of the season.

Missouri is rated ahead of Nebraska in the latest AP poll. Fuck off.

PYB's one and only comment on the rumor of Taylor Martinez quitting: if he was texting his daddy from the locker room during the game, he is a pussy and should never play another down at Nebraska.

Happy Monday! Here's a video to cheer everyone up....

Another shout out to Mad Chad for dropping Steve Johnson from his fantasy team before his 130-yard, three-touchown performance...


  1. Maybe as $$ as "Larry Bird...Maybe" is "here comes the all america" when Morrison is bringing it up.