Monday, November 29, 2010

PYB is Back...

Back from the road. Follow for more as the day wears on. For now, we'll leave you with some video of the best NFL fight in 15 years or more. Sorry for the length, but the only way you get NFL video is when the Gestapo at their HQ releases it.

Why so serious, Steve? Your Niles Paul-esque drop cost my fantasy team 10 points but saved my three-team teaser and eventually won me $75...

Nobody in Norman or Austin knows there is a divisional Big 12 trophy? Is that why Texas had one made for themselves after they split the South title but didn't go to the Big 12 Championship game? Bottom line: Dan Beebe is exaggerating the supposed "threats" he got and is flattering himself if he thinks anyone in Lincoln would have recognize him. It really hurts him to be a little fish in a shrinking pond...PYB, Berry. Nice fucking name as well...Berry....not Barry.

This is stupid. Isn't the NBA season on the verge of beginning as the Ryder Cup takes place and isn't MJ supposedly a team executive?

Get ready for this story 1000 times this week. ZZZZZzzzzz....All we know is that Landry Jones is shit. His numbers last week were shit as well. Without the two late TD passes against OSU's pathetic defense, he had thrown 60 times for 300 yards. This, against a team that Taylor Martinez threw for 352 yards against.

Final thought this morning...Why is it that every school things they played in the Game of the Century? PYB was talking to an Arkansas fan last week who claimed they played in a game that had been given the title. Arkansas? Well according to, there are nine such games, and Arkansas played Texas in one of them in 1969. Who gives a shit, and while we're not giving a shit there is no way the 2006 Ohio State vs. Michigan can just join the list because their fans want it to be on there. A four-year-old game that nobody ever talks about? We think not.

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