Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Start the Turnstiles...

Looks like Doc has got his first newcomer on the way out. That was fast. One game with four minutes played. One game spent on the maybe three more in Puerto Rico. Kamyron Brown looked skilled enough to help the Huskers this season, but now may be gone. Add him to the long list...Is it just the way of college hoops these days, or something about Doc Sadler? Or the fact that today's players can't take someone riding their ass all the time?

Speaking of college basketball.....Butler proves that they aren't shit without Gordon Hayward and the referees' whistle and gets blasted by Louisville (a team starting five new players). Kansas State blasts VaTech at the end of the game, and Baylor struggles early and pulls away from LaSalle.

Duke Vitale already anointed the Blue Devils as untouchable while announcing his first nobody's surprise. And Gonzaga lost at home to new media darling San Diego State.

Also to nobody's surprise, PYB went 0-2 in its first two college hoop wagers of the season...

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