Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NBA Power Rankings....11/30/10

Thanks to Anthony Judd for PYB's inaugural NBA power rankings. We hope to have a new set of rankings every week. If you disagree with any of these, you either don't follow the NBA or it's just the fact that he is from Ohio and is a twisted member of the Buckeye Nation. Either way, we're happy for the contribution and look forward to more! Right now, it's Timika Duncan's Spurs taking the top spot...fresh off their 12-game win streak.

1. Spurs--Just keep rolling along. Tony Parker update; Gave Eva the gift that keeps on giving….Does that count as an assist on the stat sheet?
2. Jazz--Cardiac Kids just keep digging a big hole and making huge comebacks. It’s tough to go against the guys.
3. Celtics--Shaq is healthy and has been dominate in the paint. When Rondo gets healthy again they should coast against the Eastern teams.
4. Lakers--Struggling as of late. Kobe taking way too many shots and they have been giving up way too many easy shots.
5. Magic--Other than Dwight Howard I really don’t pay much attention to these guys.
6. Mavericks--Flying under the radar other than a big win in the Alamo City. Is there a better outside shooting 7 footer than Dirk?
7. Hornets--Starting to come back to reality. I will be surprised if they are a playoff team by the end of the season.
8. Thunder--Westbrook is stepping it up with KD out. They need someone else to join him now.
9. Nuggets--Can you imagine if Denver would ever start playing Defense? They can score at will but never stop anyone.
10. Bulls--How much longer is Boozer going to be out. If he can deliver help to Noah with the boards the Bulls will be tough out in the playoffs for the Celtics.


  1. Mavs in the 6th spot huh? Makes sense considering they're the hottest team in the league and just knocked off your #1 team in that shit hole called San Antonio. Could it be past yo bedtime? I think so.


    Dirks Digglers

  2. Dirk, maybe it is time for some of your medication again. Mavs are still 2 back in the division.

  3. damn it is past my bedtime. Thanks for the info tho!


  4. #1 team in the league lost to the Clippers!!!

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