Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crown Their Ass...

As the chill rolls through the AZ air, here is some reading on this fine Tuesday morning.

Let's start with The Queen, and another very interesting column from Yahoo! Sports.

No suspensions for the Johnson-Finnegan brawl. Amazing.

A Derek Anderson meltdown.....the only thing that should have happened after he walked away is him beating the shit out of the reporter. One question about his alleged 'laughing' is legitimate. Keep pimping a 6-foot-5, 240-pound NFL player for no reason....you deserve to get your ass kicked.

TCU to the Big East. What are we missing here? Besides the fact they're looking for the easiest way to weasel into a BCS bowl each season.

Exhibit A as to why college football awards and All-Conference and All-American teams are a farce. We love Prince Amukamara (So congrats), but when he's not even the best cornerback on his team this is hard to count as legitimate. Is the reason for his no-interception season a result of opponents not throwing at him (as the NU Sports Information propaganda is trying to force down our throats) or is it because he has dropped several and isn't great at playing the ball? Go to the tapes....especially the ones from Stillwater. That said, Alfonzo Dennard needs to quit getting burned, especially by receivers from Colorado.

Dejon Gomes (or DeJuan Gomes if you're Kirk Herbstreit), says Landry Jones is more of a leader this season. Let's see how much of a leader he is if the NU defense can put some pressure on him. Against the awful Oklahoma State defense on Saturday, Jones had thrown for Blaine-Gabbert-type numbers of 297 yards on 59 attempts. Luckily for him, the Cowboys melted down and gave up TDs of 86 and 77yards in Jones' final three attempts. Otherwise, the Sooners would be watching this weekend's game from Norman.

Saturday's line: Oklahoma -3.5

Dan Beebe has officially lost his fucking mind if he believes what he spews out here...Should be interesting to see what is in store Saturday in Dallas. Any more shenanigans and those fabricated death threats may become a reality, Dan.

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