Tuesday, November 16, 2010

PYB is Back...

---This could not be worse. The Storm Chasers? Well I guess it could be worse, because the logo is somehow worse than the name...and it does portray the lack of imagination and mediocrity that personifies Omaha. Rare. Well done.

NU's hoops squad rolled to another meaningless win Monday night. How about ONE good non-conference game per year? How about every other year? Something tells me fans would rather watch NU get blasted at home by someone like Illinois than beat Arkansas-Pine Bluff by 43. We'd settle for Wyoming, North Dakota, Iowa, SEMO, SWMO, Wichita State......anyone...

---PYB will check in very soon with a season preview and initial thoughts from the South Dakota game. It might be later than sooner, given we'll have to cover Doc Sadler's 14-man rotation, and that takes some time. Will his newcomers be pretenders, as usual, or legitimate against Big-12 level competition. Andre Almeida looked fat, but skilled, against South Dakota and could provide the beef NU needs to bang through the 16-game conference schedule.

In good news, Eshaunte Jones didn't suit up due to being lazy in practice and Oregon PG washout Kamyron Brown might not go to Puerto Rico for 'personal reasons.' No wonder the Ducks let him walk.

---Don't cry Cornhuskers fans. You suck. Bo Pelini is right. You have been dead for years. Memorial Stadium is a mausoleum. You can't clap in rhythm for more than 10 seconds during the fight song. You only cheer when you're winning. Look to this year's Texas game for Exhibit A. When things get tough, the overrated clam up. You are the Niles Paul of college football fans.

But let's also be honest to Pelini, your shitty fucking offensive coordinator turned a 42-10 win into a 20-3 nightmare against one of the worst teams in the nation. There is no rhythm, no thought process, no trust from the fans about the game plan. Two way street.

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