Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cornhusker Recap...

Another amazing exhibit of how delusional Niles Paul really is. It's a bold move....Joke.

Read about Barney Cotton's emotional return to his kin with the "Real Big Red." Go to hell, Barney. You are a shit coach who got two opportunities to coach in Lincoln and didn't deserve either.

Congrats to the York News Times' Jack Vincent for getting his latest column posted on Jack, you're not PYB material yet, but maybe someday soon. Keep working on your copy editing, and you could still make it to the big time (see the Iowa City entry in your column). We hear it runs in the family.

Previewing the game in Ames. PYB is leery of this one, but with Iowa State having a small chance at the B12 North title, they'll choke. We saw what happened when they had a shot at the North crown a few years ago...they got close then Mr. Cotton threw that ill-fated, Solichesque fade pass that cost them the game, set & match.

But with NU missing its best defensive player and second-best offensive player dinged up, strange things can happen. Dr. Watson better lean heavily on that running game and keep the ball away from Niles Paul in critical situations. If he does that, and NU tackles and doesn't fumble, the Cornhuskers should win. Hopefully, Ciante Evans will cover and tackle as well as he did against Missouri. But, playing consistent fundamental football has been a tall order on some Saturdays with this group.

NU basketball started in fine fashion last night. Christopher Niemann is out after his third knee surgery, Brandon Richardson sprained his ankle in the first half of the exhibition game and Eshaunte Jones and Toney McCray sat out for missing a study hall. Solid, if not spectacular, start.

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