Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reader Rant...

A maniacal rant from Hubcap in Philly. Apparently this Minnesota Viqueen fan trapped in the City of Brotherly Love has begun to take on the persona of the constantly disgruntled Eagle fans.....Regardless, thanks for saving us a day of writing. And you thought PYB was angry.....


I never thought I would ever utter those words referring to the Nordic Warriors of Eden Prairie. Thanks to Brad Childress’ latest tyrannical move, I’ve had enough. This little Napoleonic tyrant has gone too far this time and I hope Odin can come in and slay this Andy Reid protégé before it’s too late. The Ben Franklin wannabe in Philadelphia may be able to rule the nest over his spineless owner on player/personnel. Not to mention we all know you didn’t call the plays in Philly, you just happened to fill a position that a friend opened up for you. However, when you cut one of the most prolific and productive receivers in NFL history because of some statements about food from a former player’s restaurant and not addressing the media to your liking, you better look yourself in the mirror.

Face it Brad, you have lost your team. I realize you started out the year with no real receiving threat for your team’s quarterback. Notice I didn’t call him YOUR quarterback. We all know you put him on your shitlist last year, because he questioned you at times. I know Fav-ruh is a Prima Donna, but HE HAS PLAYED EVERY GAME FOR 18 STRAIGHT YEARS. He may know something about the game and how things work on the field. When it takes your high profile players to fly down to his home to convince him to come back because it gives them a better chance to win, that tells me the respect from your players was well on it’s way out the door. The players these days will not play for someone they don’t respect. Take for instance your fellow Eagle Asst. Coach Wild Willy Callahan. I’m sure there is a tree in Oakland and Lincoln waiting for his return.

Back to the point of no receivers. After 3 games and having your top two receivers on the shelf with injuries and your passing game produced a single TD pass with 6 interceptions. Your owner did the right thing and traded for Randy Moss for a bargain price of a 3rd round draft pick. Whether or not he did this with your permission is irrelevant, HE SIGNS YOUR FUCKING PAYCHECK!!! It’s his team and can do what he thinks is right for HIS team to win football games. Randy came in, and scoring doubled, literally. Wins were scarce, but production was up and the team was competitive again with a threat at wideout. When Randy wasn’t targeted he was constantly being double teamed to either open up another receiver or took away a safety from the running game. Things were on the rise. That is until November 1st. When in your ineptitude, kicked him off the team, much to the dismay of your owner who still, publicly reported, wants Randy on HIS team.

Now, that being said, WILL YOU PLEASE FUCKING QUIT? How else can you explain that a team that was one play away from the Super Bowl 10 months ago is now floundering under your tutelage with nearly the same exact roster? Injuries may be a small factor for the early season woes. Now what are you gonna do? Throw Tavaris Jackson under the bus like you did the Prima Donna when you lose this week? He maybe 40 years old, but still has more talent and arm strength than T Jax ever will. That actually hurt to say, because I still despise the Prima Donna for all of the years in Green Bay. I, as a fan, want the best for the players on the team and what gives them the best chance to succeed. Clearly, you are not the answer. Bill Belichek may be a dictator, but his players respect him, he’s earned it, you haven’t. It’s been well documented that Randy Moss and the Prima Donna have their ego issues. It’s like buying a used car, you know what you’re buying at the time. Until you learn to understand what each player tick on your team, you will continue to fail at the only head coaching position you have ever held.

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