Friday, April 20, 2012


--Omaha is getting a Lingerie Football League team. And YOU, as a passionate LFL fan, can submit team name ideas. Link here. PYB will get it started with our first thought, naturally, as a sister team to their men's indoor football counterparts: the Omaha Beef-Riders. Please forward any other ideas this way, so we can properly ridicule this situation.

--Dwight Howard adds another bitch move to his resume: Operation Shutdown. Pussies like him don't deserve gold medals, anyway. Just ask Rudy Galindo.

--PYB was bored at work and got some good interaction in The Roundup with Lee Barfknecht yesterday. We'll give you one guess which screen name we used.

--We are glad the weekend has arrived, so we can quit hearing how Nebraska's weekend series versus Purdue is the 'biggest since 2008' at Haymarket Park. We don't seem to remember the Boilermakers making deep runs into NCAA Regionals in recent years. Let's see if the Huskers can break the mold of getting shut down by the opponent's ace on Friday and then winning one or maybe two the remainder of the weekend. Try scoring against a good pitcher, please. Then we can talk about 'big series.' Maybe.

--This article say it's unclear whether Bobby Petrino boned his slut in Fayetteville. If he's paying for car service, he better be drilling her, or he's a bigger idiot than we thought.

--Finally, did anyone see LeQueen James' cheapshot moving screen against Chicago last night? Par for the course for weak-minded players trying to repair a pillow-soft image.

Time to run. Screaming child. Have a great weekend.

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  1. Omaho's
    Omaha Hail Damage
    Omaha Reds (as in Marlboro Reds)
    Omaha Gunts (that fat mound above the pussy)
    Omaha Patriots (they'll all be Millard South girls anyway)