Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Going Vertical

--PYB thanks the OWH's Dork Chatelain for this link. Details of Warren Sapp's bankruptcy, including the child support owings for his six kids with five women. Strong effort, but paltry in relation to Antonio Cromartie's fuckfest. The Jets cornerback just welcomed bastard number 10 into the world. The egos of these idiots is amazing, as they'd rather drop hundreds of thousands of dollars on being an absentee father than $3.95 on a three-pack of Trojans. Can't they find rookie teammates to bring Magnums to the locker room before each practice instead of doughnuts? A few more latex Magnums, instead of magnums of Crystal at da club, would save these guys millions.

Side note to all productive US citizens: make sure to pay your taxes so that when this deadbeat becomes delinquent on his child support that his kids can still wear the latest Jordans and play the newest video games.

--Thanks also to Dork Chatelain for a hearty laugh this morning. He said he agreed that the NFL should eliminate the kickoff if it's proven dangerous. Flag football, here we come. Better yet, let the pussies play soccer.

--Last night, Ian Eagle called LeQueen James the Miami Heat's version of New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera. Quote, unquote. Close, we supposed, minues all the championship rings, the killer instinct and late-game clutch performances. Has Eagle missed the last five years in the NBA? Anyhow, Queenie did score 15 straight points to close out the lowly New Jersey Nets last night. ESPN will be very proud and will rave about him for a few hours this morning.

--Good news for all the scumbags who want their $10 back for the Nebraska spring game.....they have two options. NU should keep the money...it's about time the cheapskates chipped in to the athletic department's funds for once. Second, anyone stupid enough to pay for this game should be penalized the full amount of the ticket.

--Two lessons from this video gem, courtesy of Deadspin: Delonte West is a psycho, and the Utah Jizz still have the whiniest fucking fans in the NBA. They're so bad, they could be Iowa State fans.

--Finally, on a rare negative note...it looks like the stupid term of Nebrasketball ain't going away any time soon. Leave it to Nebraskans to be proud of one of the dumbest sports phrases of all time, 20 years after its unfortunate inception.

--As a PS, we'll leave you with one of our favorite commercials.

Have a good week...PYB.

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