Monday, April 9, 2012

Not Cool Man

--Bo Pinelli says there's a dropoff from the first-team linebacking crew (they suck) to the second team? That's scary.

--Bubba Watson was the best-case scenario during Masters viewing yesterday, once it became apparent that Hefty wasn't going to overcome his brain-dead fourth hole because the putts weren't dropping. The rest was a pack of personality-less nerds: Oosthuizen, Westwood, Kuchar, Hanson, et al. What a deflating Sunday.

--Meanwhile, Sergio Garcia has given up. Tiger Woods is still an irrelevant golfer and disrepectful person. And Phil can still be delusional, saying after the round that being on the wrong part of the fourth green was 'dead.'

--Somebody is lying here: coaches or player? Start as a freshman?? If you're any good, you could go a whole year at NU without seeing more than five passes your way!

--Too bad Demarcus Cousins is a douche, because his dead-on assessment of the ultimate studio gangster Blake Griffin was dead on. Unfortunately, it will be dismissed as sour grapes when it is a fact. Don't believe us? Let's pull the college tapes.

--Speaking of douchebags, look everyone Carmelo scored 43 points and beat the Chicago Bulls in OT!! Of course he shot 31 times, missed countless open shooters and the wing and was aided by a rusty Derrick Rose in his first game back from a groin pull. But it's all good in Melo's world, as long as he's the center of attention -- win or lose.

Let's hope the rest of this week is more inspiring than the Easter/Masters Sunday that was!

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