Saturday, April 21, 2012

Boiled Over

It's Saturday, and PYB is happy. But its constituents are pissed. (We apologize in advance, as has changed its format and the formatting of posts are temporarily (we hope) fucked): --AMG is pissed about this nonsensical article from the Washington Post, announcing Niles Paul is moving to tight end. Isn't that where a team always puts its most sure-handed player who is too slow to play wide receiver? We're happy Paul will finally be able to use his only gridiron talent: blocking. --Others are pissed about the Nebraska baseball team's awful camouflage uniforms Friday against Purdue. We don't mind mixing in some camo as an honor to the armed forces once in a while. But leave it to NU to butcher the move and roll out an absolutely embarrassing and ugly design. But hell, we're just happy that NU scored five runs in its loss to the vaunted Boilermakers. One is about par for the course when Darin Erstad's Huskers face a Big 10 "ace." --Mad Chad is mad that the Omaha World Herald's Dirk Chatelain is 'such a Columbus nerd.' We're just happy that he changed his blog name away from "Brunch Bites," even though he somehow picked a name that is worse in "Mad Chatter." It's past his bedtime, for sure. --Anyway, PYB is also happy that there isn't shit for meaningful sports on this week, so we can pretend to be a great husband and father for a couple days.....up until the Sunday golf scramble at 1:30pm. Or until we bet on a meaningless game. --We're also happy that the LA Lakers got bottle blasted last night in San Antonio, making us a bit richer. --Amare Stoudemire came back last night, and the Knicks suck again. STAT continued his rapid visual aging by adding an awful cornrow 'do to his James-Worthy glasses. The specs are required by doctor's orders, but the hairdo is 5+ years past its prime. Caramelo 'looked disengaged' because he couldn't bog down the offense and take 35 shots for his 30 points. But fret not, NYK signed Dan Gadzuric as a "big insurance policy!" Yep, the guy who averaged eight points a game for the Milwaukee Bucks will save the day in Gotham! His most recent experience, where he averaged 12 points a game in Frisco, Tex., for the Texas Legends, will be priceless too. PYB loves reading the NY Post coverage of the Knicks every time they circle the drain! --Finally, as we say our goodbye this morning, Bleacher Report offers a list of the 50 most worthless players in the NBA. We likes lists like this...but ours would most likely be longer.... --Finally, really, in watching the Atlanta Hawk-Boston Celtic game last night, we saw that Erick Dampier and Keyon Dooling are still in the NBA. Who knew? Dampier is racking up 0.1 ppg and 1.5 rpg. Dooling has somehow been in the league for 12 years and showed he could still put the ball in the bucket by scoring 17 last night with Rondo/Allen/Studio Gangsta KG/Bugs Pierce on the bench... See ya.....

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