Sunday, April 22, 2012

Melting Down

Another Bo Pinelli product melts down in crunch time. The last images we'll have of former Cornhusker great Alfonzo Dennard is pissing away his last few minutes at NU by getting booted for fighting a fat wide receiver in the Capital One bowl and then scrapping with some irrelevant douche on O Street an hour after the bars in Lincoln closed. Let's bullet point this, and hope blogspot got its formatting right by now (doubtful) or you won't be able to read this at all: 1. What is a future NFL draft pick doing on O Street an hour after last call? Shouldn't he be back home banging a hot slut by then? 2. What is a future NFL draft pick doing at the O Street bars? Shouldn't he be at some higher-class, non-piss infested establishment now that he has some agent money in his $400 jean pockets? 3. Why aren't his friends kicking the shit out of the other guy for him.....we see it done all the time? 4. As stupid as Dennard was in his actions, PYB thinks the charges are trumped up. Exaggerated at best. Lincoln police officers (as a whole) are the biggest bunch of cocksuckers in the world. We saw it during the 1990s in our college days, over and over. "Serve and protect" was replaced by LPD with "harass citizens and hand out as many minor tickets as possible to help make up for the fact that we were totally irrelevant during high school". Shit, we've been harassed as 35-year-old alumni going back. Threatened with being ticketed at a tailgate party while being totally sober. Yelled at for not moving quickly enough while some dickhead tries to park his truck as he was arriving 10 minutes before kickoff to a football game. Told to beat it by a cop when requesting help hailing a taxi. Back bitten, beaten...with a club...or maybe you could call it a tire iron. So in summary, fuck them. Fuck LPD. If they made it a point to cooperate with the citizens of Lincoln on a regular basis, we might find this story viable. Given what we've witnessed over 20 years, we ain't buying it. What most likely happened is that the police officer jumped in from behind Dennard during the fight and got hit in the face. Got roughed up a bit when he jumped into a fray where he physically had no business. Then reverted to the "you assaulted a cop, you're going to jail!" line, ie The Fugitive. Maybe not, but most likely. Why aren't more details being released in local outlets? Prove me wrong. Until then, we're sticking to our story....Just stick to your story....for that reason, I can't get certified....SMH.... 5. Is this another instance of one of Bo's Boys not keeping his cool when big things are on the line. Since when is Dennard a fighter? Apparently, since January. This is a guy who was previously pictured on PYB with teddy bear on his lap during a flight---pretty gay to say the least. And now he's gone rogue? Doesn't add up. 6. Does it say something that present-day Huskers get arrested for fighting, but when the teams were actually good in the 1990s they got charged with rape, 2nd-degree murder and discharge of a firearm? Can Dork Chatelain run some numbers on this for us? 7. PYB likes the chat board studs who say Dennard isn't going to ever play in the NFL now because he allegedly "assaulted" a polic offifcer. Right. OJ Simpson decapitated two people and got away unscathed. These are nerds who don't know the social caste system. Football players are at the top, and that's why they get the hottest pussy, make the most money and get to do shit nobody else does. That's also why, when they suck on the field, they get ripped by people like us. That's the way it is, it's been that way for years.... 8. Most important, what the FUCK is Dennard wearing in his mug shot? Is that a shirt? A 1980s leather disco suit? Or an X-Ray vest? Whatever it is, it's horrible. We have no idea. What is certain is that Dennard will be out a few hundred thousand dollars up front.....@FonzieDennard , "What's in your wallet?"

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  1. Lincoln cops are neat. Kinda like the one that threw kyle in jail because he said he damaged a 7ft street sign with his head.