Wednesday, April 25, 2012

OG Kush

This is quite possibly the biggest piece of shit that PYB has ever seen. Link here. Do we need to provide any commentary, or should we just let the column do the work for itself? We'll let Phil Espisito decide. In the meantime, we'll compile a list of our favorite teams -- and they'll probably all be champions from the last two years.


  1. Really? You take a Yankees loss pretty hard? You know every team wins 60 and loses 60 right? It's the other 42 that matter. So you are depressed 60 times a summer when Cano flies out to end it or Chavez chops one into a 6-4-3 in the eighth?


  2. Are you fucking kidding me!? That is without question the worst piece of journalism I've ever seen published. Gotta love one sentence paragraphs. The fact that all his "favorite" teams have won a title in the last 5 years, takes a back seat to the dude's complete inability to put two sentences together into one coherent point. This guy couldn't even get a job with the Beatrice paper...