Sunday, April 29, 2012

In Case You're Ponderin'

--PYB wakes up this Sunday and is confused. The Nebraska football team has a former golf pro on its staff, and everyone is apparently cool with that and the team's middle-of-the-pack peformance. Yet, when it comes to basketball, former NU star and multi-year NBA veteran Erick Strickland comes back begging to come home. Begging to be part of the program for the rest of his career. Begging to help turn around decades of futility...and the genius that leads the athletic department can't find a spot for him.

Strickland is one of few Huskers to ever play in the NBA. A Husker hasn't been drafted in 13 years. And Tom Osborne can't find a spot for the former three-sport phenom. He can force-feed Frank Solich down the state's throat and ruin the pride of all Nebraska but can't work Dirty Dick Strick into the rotation somehow, some way? If he's not ready for an on-court position, get him some experience and let him earn the chance or weed himself out. Guys like Strickland have the charisma to make a difference. While buildings rise in Lincoln, the ship sinks. No wonder Creighton succeeds, and NU pisses into the wind...again and again...year after year. It's just a matter of time before Nebraska-Omaha surpasses the Cornhuskers on the hardwood, and we won't be surprised.

--Couldn't have said this any better ourselves, and NU willingly made itself part of an aging dinosaur.

--If the Omaha Northwest kids in this story are supposedly so important, why are they the ones suffering from this battle of egos?

--Alfonzo Dennard finally got drafted and may already be the New England Patriots' best cornerback. Bill Belichik's defense gave up 297 yards a game in the air.

--NU had four players drafted in the first seven rounds. None in the first round. A few free-agent signees. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Solich Era, Part II!!!

--Lazy fucking reporting by the OWH, by the way, as they quoted the players' Twitter accounts instead of picking up the phone. Jesus.

--Make sure to read the free-agent signing link through to the end, just so you know that Austin Cassidy hasn't signed with a team yet. Unlike Nebraska, the NFL is a results-oriented business and scrubs don't get playing time just because they're good in school.

 --In case you're wondering, the Nebraska men's golf team sits at 11th place in the Big 10 championships. Earlier this week, the OWH raved about the team racking up several top-ten finishes this season. Apparently, the fact that most tournaments have 12-14 teams was lost on was the fact that NU plays what could generously be called a 'mid-major' caliber schedule.

 --Paging Ron Brown....the Stone Age is over. Does he still drag his wife around by her hair? Grant Hill would be so disappointed.

--The NBA has two young stars who get it. Derrick Rose is one of them. Unfortunately, he went down with a blown ACL yesterday when he was inexplicably still in the game with 1:30 left and the Chicago Bulls leading 99-87. Rose's injury-laden season ended with the biggest blow of all, and David Stern can be blamed for running the players harder than pack mules in a sham of a 66-game season.

Take heart, Chicago fans. The Bulls didn't have the firepower to win it all. Probably didn't have enough to win the East. Now you've got an excuse to ease the pain. Either way, Stern has it all pre-orchestrated. We're left with one good guy (Kevin Durant), a bunch of self-proclaimed icons and babies (LeQueen and Melo), a rapist, and one real team (Spurs). Bulls Coach Tom Thibodeau, fair or not, may not ever get past this one.

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  1. You might want to consider paragraphs instead of block text.

    Hiring Erick Strickland would have been a monumental mistake. The guy has zero coaching experience. How arrogant of him to think that he is anywhere near ready to coach, albeit as an assistant, at the Division I level. Here's an idea Strickland, start coaching at the high school level, earn your stripes, and then, maybe, just maybe will you be taken seriously. Great decision by Tim Miles to tell him that he's "going in a different direction." Strickland's interview was probably nothing more than a courtesy interview done merely to pacify Coach Osborne and the prominent basketball boosters.


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  2. This is the type of thinking that has Nebraska stuck in the stone age.